Canine Release


o This includes any working livestock dog(s)

 ALL DOGS MUST REMAIN OUTSIDE OF THE ARENAS! o This includes cutting pens, trail pens, and round pens.

  •   Dogs are allowed within a 50×50 corral lot, as long as the corral is secured and properly enclosed so that the dog(s) cannot get out. If the corral lot is NOT secured, the dog(s) can be leashed and securely fastened to a secure structure.
  •   Dogs can travel around the property with you, so long as it is properly leashed. YOU MUST BE HOLDING THE LEASH! NO EXCDEPTIONS!
  •   Aggressive dogs will NOT be tolerated! If your dog(s) show any signs of aggression or make an aggressive attempt against another member, or another member’s animal, you will be asked to remove your dog(s) from the premises and are no longer allowed to have that dog(s) on the property.
  •   You (the owner and/or handler) are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for your dog(s)! If your dog(s) injures (by any means) another person or animal on the property, your dog(s) MUST BE REMOVED from the premises and you will be held liable for any fees that the victim(s) may incur.
  •   Dogs CANNOT RIDE FREELY in the bed of a pickup truck (or any other OPEN vehicle).
  •   You are responsible for cleaning up your dog(s) mess. If you cannot clean up after your dog(s) then you will no longerbe allowed to have your dog(s) on property.

    _____ (Initial) I understand that I am solely responsible for my dog(s) behavior, temperament, and actions while down at the Henderson Saddle Association.

    _____ (Initial) I understand that if my dog(s) causes injury (by any means) I am solely liable for any legal recourse or medical fees that may be incurred by/from the victim and that the Henderson Saddle Association is in no way responsible for those actions.

    _____ (Initial) I understand that by signing this release form I am entering a premises where dogs will be present and that any injury or harm either I, my guest(s), or my animal(s) may sustain, the Henderson Saddle Association is in no way responsible for those actions.

    _____ (Initial) I understand that if any of these rules and/or regulations are violated by me or my guest(s), that I will lose the privilege of having my dog(s) on the property.

    _____ (Initial) I understand that this release form must be SIGNED and DATED each calendar year of the Henderson Saddle Association, and that if I do not sign and date a new release at the beginning of each calendar year of the Henderson Saddle Association, that I may lose the privilege of bringing my dog(s) onto the property.

    By signing and dating this release form, I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge the rules and regulations stipulated in this form and agree to follow them accordingly.


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Canine Liability Release Form

January 2015

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