About us

juniorrodeo2In 1952, with a passion for rodeo and a love of horses, four Cowboys came together to found the Henderson Rodeo Club. They acquired 23 acres of land in Henderson, Nevada and went on to build what is now known asHenderson Saddle Association. Complete with two arenas, a cutting pen, two round pens, a trail pen and a full time caretaker H.S.A. continues the passion and love that the founding Cowboys had.

As a 501 (c) (3), H.S.A. is a nonprofit organization that offers its members a HSA-LVGA-26Rplace to play, learn  and enjoy their horse (or horses.) Primarily established for the rodeo enthusiasts of the time it has now grown into an organization that not only promotes rodeo events but all equine activities. On many weekends you can find a Gymkhana, a barrel race, a roping or even a vaulting event being held. Our mission is to promote and provide equine activities, while encouraging sportsmanship, fellowship, family values and lasting friendships. From Miniatures to Drafts, H.S.A. is home to all!DSCN0892

HSA-LVGA-40RHSA has 116 corals, and 180 families. We have many events each year involving members and many other non-members within the horse community. When you advertise with us, you reach out to hundreds if not thousands of members of the horse community.