Dues: Fees are due January 1st and July 1st

Membership dues $200
Corral Lease $200
Steer Pen Lease $200
Goat Pen Lease $75

New membership dues prorations:

After the one time membership fee (of $1000.00) to join the Henderson Saddle Association, dues will be paid on a semiannual basis, falling in January and July. The following is the schedule of prorated dues owed for the first billing period after the initial membership dues payment.

If member joined in: January – the amount of dues owed in July will be: 100%

February 80%
March 60%
April 40%
May 20%
June 0%

If member joined in: July – the amount of dues owed in January will be: 100%

August 80%
September 60%
October 40%
November 20%
December 0%